Monday, October 25, 2010

Nelly channels Biggie on "5.0"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Nelly is on the comeback trail once again. The St. Louis rapper is preparing to release his first album in two years. In the midst of rumors about a relationship with Ashanti, there is plenty of buzz surrounding him. While all attention is good, Nelly would rather have the people focus on his music.

With 5.0, his sixth studio album, set to come out next month, Nelly definitely wants some music-related buzz. In anticipation for the release of the album, Nelly has released the track listing. Much like his previous release, Nelly aligned himself with the stars, working with the likes of Diddy, T.I., and Plies.

The one artist Nelly has always admired has been The Notorious B.I.G., as he frequently quotes his lines. Nelly was even featured on his posthumous album, Duets: The Final Chapter. The final result was the "Nasty Girl" hit. Five years later, Nelly has called upon some of Biggie's lyrics for his latest opus. The first single from 5.0, "Just a Dream," put Nelly back in the top ten and he hopes Biggie can help put him over the top.

Track Listing

  1. "I'm Number 1 (featuring Birdman and DJ Khaled)
  2. "Long Gone" (featuring Nelly and Plies)
  3. "She's So Fly" (featuring T.I.)
  4. "Just a Dream"
  5. "Making Movies"
  6. "Move That Body" (featuring T-Pain and Akon)
  7. "1000 Stacks" (featuring Diddy and The Notorious B.I.G.)
  8. "Gone" (featuring Kelly Rowland)
  9. "Don't It Feel Good"
10. "Broke Niggas"
11. "Live Tonight"
12. "Nothing Without Her"
13. "Go" (Bonus Track)
14. "If I Gave You One" (featuring Avery Storm) (Bonus Track)
15. "Kissing You" (featuring Dirty Money) (Bonus Track)


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