Monday, October 25, 2010

T.I. avoids Drug Charges, Suffers Album Delays

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Late last year, T.I. was released from prison and he promised himself, his family, and his fans that he would do better this time around. Earlier this year, T.I. made his first public appearance. For the sake of his company, the Atlanta rapper turned from an urban look to a professional look. No longer wearing the baggy clothes, T.I. was only found wearing suits.

Things were looking great for T.I. until his trip to Los Angeles last month with his wife, Tiny. While driving through the city, the newlyweds were pulled over by the police. During a routine search, the officers found drugs in the car and T.I. had violated his parole. For almost two years, T.I. had been doing all he could to repair his image in the spotlight.

Despite T.I.'s guilt, the fans have not given up on him and they have rallied behind their hero. All of their well-wishes have benefited T.I., as he will not be brought up on drug charges. While he will not be charged for drug possession, all things are not well with Tip. Though he beat the drug charges, the parole violation may land him back in prison for eleven months.

In the wake of this news, Atlantic Records decided to push T.I.'s comeback effort, King Uncaged, back from a November release to a December 7 release date. While the album has currently been delayed to a release in December, most people believe his album has been pushed back until sometime next year. Even with the possibility of the album being delayed even farther, Young Dro reported that T.I. has filmed over eight videos for the album.


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