Monday, November 22, 2010

Does T.I. deserve a Third Chance?

By The Angry Black Man
Hip Hop Vibe Contributor

Throughout his career, T.I. had presented himself as a gangsta rapper. T.I. began his career signed to Arista Records, but he was dropped when his album did not sell. Because he did not want to face further rejection, the Atlanta rapper created his own label, Grand Hustle Records, and began releasing mixtapes. In 2003, T.I. partnered with Atlantic Records and released his second album, Trap Muzik. This album forever changed the rapper's life.

Immediately, T.I. was a platinum rapper and the CEO of his own profitable company. But, he still only portrayed himself as a rapper. As his hits added up, more rappers from the Atlanta area wanted to be a part of Grand Hustle Records. In 2005, he signed Young Dro and quickly decided to put him in the studio. T.I. also expanded the company into Grand Hustle Films around this time. During the summer of 2006, the company came out with the box office success, ATL.

Later in the year, T.I. also founded his AKOO clothing line, but T.I. still only promoted himself as a rapper when he was so much more. By 2007, T.I. had organized his clothing line, film company, and record label under one banner, Grand Hustle Entertainment and he made himself the CEO. While T.I. was the face of the company, he was caught with guns and sentenced to one year in prison. Upon being released, T.I. presented himself as a businessman as opposed to being another rapper.

Released a free man, T.I. put together a squeaky-clean image as a hip hop entrepreneur, but it did not last long as he went back to prison. T.I. has been a man about the situation and owned up to his mistakes. He is calling upon the same people once again for forgiveness. But, the question is, does T.I. deserve what will be a third chance?


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