Sunday, December 19, 2010

G. Dep admits to Murder

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In the late 1990s, G. Dep rose to fame as an artist on Diddy's famed label, Bad Boy Records. For most of his career, G. Dep was in the shadow of Black Rob, Mase, Shyne, and Loon. Three years ago, he grew tired of waiting and left the label. G. Dep later collaborated with fellow former Bad Boy, Loon.

While G. Dep never received much attention while he was a part of the Bad Boy family, he sure will receive plenty of attention now. The rapper recently turned himself in for murder. G. Dep has a criminal history, having been arrested 25 times. He has committed burglary and got into trouble with drugs.

Seventeen years ago, however, G. Dep brutally murdered John Henkel in the middle of a routine robbery. He shot the man three times in the chest and hid the evidence. In the time since the murder, he has gone on to become a semi-successful rapper. But, recently, the guilt got to him so G. Dep decided to turn himself in. He is currently in jail and will not be released on bail.


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