Thursday, January 27, 2011

50 Cent talks Dr. Dre and "Detox"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Dr. Dre first announced Detox when 50 Cent was still in Queens, considering becoming a rapper. With the release of the album right around the corner, 50 Cent has been a rap heavyweight and now a media personality. Through it all, 50 Cent has been one of the most-successful Dr. Dre proteges.

In 2009, there were rumors of a 50 Cent/Dr. Dre feud. 50 Cent was waiting to release Before I Self Destruct and Dr. Dre had not finished his tracks. While 50 was waiting, Dre had helped Eminem with his entire album. When the album was finally released, 50 Cent called out his mentor for signing his rival, Game, back to the label.

One year ago, around this time, it looked as if things were going to get ugly between the two. But, Dr. Dre said he and 50 Cent have no problems and will be working together. Despite 50 Cent being in the process of leaving Shady Records, having left Aftermath in 2009, he will still be working with Dr. Dre as he finishes Detox.

It is unclear if 50 Cent will appear on the album, as Game is also heavily involved. Still, 50 Cent reminded fans not to count Dr. Dre out. Right when it appeared as if 50 Cent's career may not take off, his Dre-produced single, "In da Club," would top the charts from January well into the summer. 50 Cent said if Dr. Dre was able to do that for him, imagine what he would be able to do with his own material.


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