Sunday, January 23, 2011

On the Rise: Duce Blow

By The Rap Scout
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recently, Hip Hop Vibe has been checking out the new movement in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. One of the hottest rappers on the scene is Duce Blow. At the age of 23, Duce Blow is well on his way.

Aside from being one of the hottest rappers in the South Florida hip hop scene, Duce is also the head of his own label, Da Darkside Ent. The rapper also has a lucrative deal with nightclub, Area7.

With all of these outlets, Duce Blow is giving the people a chance to hear him. The fans are loving Duce Blow and his crew and he recently spoke with Hip Hop Vibe, now the world has a chance to check him out.

Was there a point in your life when you realized rapping was for you?
Well, when I realized rapping was for me, I realized I was an all around entertainer and a true artist.

Before the internet, what did you do to promote yourself?
Word of mouth, performances, and loud bass in the trunk.

How do you try to stand out in a crowded rap scene?
I don't try, my appearance speaks for me, my presence is always noticeable!

Can you explain the difference between Fort Lauderdale and Miami rap?
I see no difference, it's all hot southern music.

Are you the founder of Da Darkside Ent.?
Yes I am and 100% proud of the direction it's going.

Who are the other artists signed to the label?
Da Darkside consists of these artists, myself (Duce Blow), Greg the Grim Reaper, Blow Sho, Nique Freak, Slik Bandit, J.B Smooth. Da Darkside has also joined forces with a crew of hot spitters called Dark Alliance, consisting Blak Prophet of Dark Dreamz, and a new group that I am working on forming.

How did you meet Paul Blak?
At an Area7 show.

Exactly what do you do with the club, Area7?
I host and promote shows of pure entertainment and I plan on making Area 7 a home for ALL of the best southern entertainment you could find and we get closer every show.

How did you land the job with Area7?
I was there just performing until one of the club managers offered me a night of my own.

What are your plans for 2011?
To be a leader to a new and better life also I plan to use my music to catch the attention, "If every man is created equal, why don't we live like that?"

When is your next mixtape coming out?
I have not decided on a date yet but it will be a double feature and also very soon.

When do you plan to release your first album?
I plan on dropping an album when Da DarkSide is ready to march and come to the light, because although I can I don't "STAND" alone DARKSIDE.

Have you worked with any big name artists?
Not any commercial artists.

Do you prefer the staying independent or going major?
Funny question, I plan on being a major independent artist.


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