Sunday, January 23, 2011

A-Thug focusing on Expanding his Empire

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For nearly eight years, A-Thug has been representing Harlem and releasing albums. He has his own record label and he runs a few other businesses outside of hip hop. A-Thug is highly successful, but there is one thing left on his list. In 2011, A-Thug wants to achieve fame.

The Harlem rapper has been putting together new ventures to make this happen. A-Thug is working on expanding his business into club promotion and he also has plans for a tour. Everything is in its early stages, but he is still doing it independently.

Recently, A-Thug launched a new site for Black Rolling Stones. The site includes all of his ventures and creating one place for everything he has going on. Despite only being up for a few days, the site is already receiving heavy traffic.

A-Thug mastered New York City years ago and now he has people breaking him in other places. He has people working for him in North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, and Virginia, introducing him to their audiences. While he is being introduced to the audiences, A-Thug is soon hoping to perform in these places and he soon intends to make this happen.

The rapper made a genius move when he created the Black Rolling Stones website. His fans can receive all of their news about him and purchase the same products he has for sale in Harlem. Most importantly, he has the site set up where his fans can leave feedback for him. A-Thug will soon have the site accessible for people who want to purchase tickets to go to his shows.

The most important thing on his list is his upcoming album, The Signature, which will be released sometime during the summer.


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