Friday, January 21, 2011

T.I.'s "No Mercy" Goes Gold

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Things did not turn out the way T.I. had hoped last year. The rapper initially had plans of celebrating his freedom. He had began working on his seventh album, King Uncaged. The album was led with his triumphant comeback single, "I'm Back."

Despite all the energy T.I. was putting in the album, the songs were not receiving much radio play. T.I.'s comeback was not going according to plans. Soon, T.I. began receiving attention, but it was for all of the wrong reasons.

T.I. was pulled over by the police in Los Angeles and ended up being searched. After being found with illegal drugs in the vehicle, T.I. found himself in a mess. It appeared as if he was going back to prison.

The entire format of his album was changed and the title soon became No Mercy. Half of the songs promoted for the King Uncaged album were dropped and T.I. recorded new songs. These new songs talked about his struggles to keep himself straight while working on rebuilding his career. The most-notable song off the No Mercy album was "Get Back Up" with Chris Brown.

Despite the confusion, the song did fairly well and the album was released before Christmas. T.I. has defied most odds and has put together an album that has certified gold.


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