Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mannie Fresh gives opinion on New Cash Money Records

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Eighteen years ago, Mannie Fresh became a part of the local New Orleans record label, Cash Money Records. At the time, Cash Money was big, but only on a local scale. Many felt as if the label was a major success, but they did not see what would happen next.

Behind Mannie Fresh's beats, Cash Money Records gained national fame. In 1997, they were picked up, enterting a multimillion dollar deal with Universal Records, a major label. From there, things went from good to great with Cash Money Records.

However, the run would come to an untimely end, when integral members of the team left the label. Lil Wayne was left as the only remaining artist when Birdman decided it was time to put the pieces back together. But, right before recording for Tha Carter II began, there was more shocking news, Mannie Fresh was also leaving the label.

The success of Tha Carter II kept Cash Money Records going and Lil Wayne soon became the biggest rapper on the planet. Wayne used his appeal to start Young Money Entertainment and he eventually signed many talents, namely Drake and Nicki Minaj. Through the success of Young Money and the addition of the ever-popular DJ Khaled, Cash Money Records has risen to new heights. With the current success of the label, many are interested in how Mannie Fresh feels about Cash Money Records.

Previously, he said he was open to returning to the label, if the deal was right. While Mannie Fresh is happy for Cash Money's recent string of success, he has issues with their new sound. Their original sound became a staple with New Orleans hip hop, as it was crafted by Fresh. Mannie Fresh said Cash Money is still putting out original sounds, but they are also using a lot of music that sounds the same. The only problem with the current Southern hitmakers is their music all sounds alike, according to Mannie Fresh.

Mannie Fresh feels as if it is time for the South to come up with some new sounds.


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