Thursday, July 21, 2011

DMC gives props to DMX

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With DMX trying to land a comeback, many now take him as a joke. Earlier in his career, DMX was one of the most-revered rappers in the game. But, when his drug addictions became popular news, he began losing the respect of many fans.

DMC, one third of the legendary Run-DMC, has spoke out in behalf of DMX. It has been years since DMC has been a star in the game. However, he has been remembered as a legend in the game. Many have forgotten, or never knew, DMC had drug addictions, too.

Recently, DMC spoke out in behalf of DMX. He said X was the only rapper who kept it real. While his run was overlooked by the runs of Jay-Z and Ja Rule, DMC talked about how DMX rapped about what he felt, regardless of what the people thought. One minute, X would be hardcore, and the next, he would be praying for his grandmother. DMC has respected that about him and said he is better than 98% of the rappers in the game. He reminded people, everyone was created equally.

DMX is currently on the comeback trail and one of his biggest supporters is DMC.


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