Saturday, July 23, 2011

Game prepares New Mixtape with DJ Skee, disses Big Sean, talks Jay-Z "Uncle Otis" diss

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

During his break from releasing studio albums, Game has found success with mixtapes. He teamed with DJ Skee for both Purp & Patron and The Hangover. Game feels a third time around could do even better.

The standout track on the mixtape is "Uncle Otis," which takes shots at Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Big Sean, among others. Game has always had issues with Jay-Z, but usually leaves Kanye West out of his disses.

However, things are different this time around. Recently, he decided to speak on the "Uncle Otis" track. Game said the diss track is nothing but love. For years, Game has been releasing Jay-Z diss records.

Each time Game disses Jay-Z, he expects a response that never comes. Game said there are many hip hop fans who are completely biased towards Jay-Z. At the same time, there are many hip hop fans who are completely biased towards him. Then, there are other hip hop fans who do not care, one way or another about the disses.

Game feels hip hop needs to be shaken up every now and again. More than anything, Game feels as if he is bringing fun back to hip hop. After hearing "Otis," Game said he thought the song was cool and he wanted the beat for his mixtape. DJ Skee tried to find the instrumental for the song, but could not, so Mars remade the beat and Game went in.

Following 50 Cent's failed attempt to feud with Jay-Z, Game promised to never diss Jay-Z again. But, after leaking "Uncle Otis," he broke this promise. Game said he realized this when the song came out, but said he is Game, so fuck it. Many are confused on why Game would include Kanye West in the diss, after the two have worked together on so many tracks.

Still, Game, much like many fans, is wondering if Jay-Z is going to respond. Game has been trying to get a response from Jay-Z for nearly six years. While he has not called him out, by name, Game said Jay-Z has thrown shots at him in the past. Game realizes how smart Jay-Z is and how he avoids getting into a direct beef with him.


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