Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Sean talks Sexual Assault Charge and Lil B

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Every dream Big Sean had came true in 2011, along with a few nightmares. Early this year, Big Sean released "My Last," which became a major hit. During the summer, Big Sean followed up his hit single with his Finally Famous: The Album debut.

Along with Big Sean's dreams came one big nightmare, a woman who brought up sexual assault charges on him. The assault supposedly happened in Buffalo, New York on August 4. During a recent interview, Big Sean cleared up the rumors.

Big Sean said the situation was some "minor shit." The Detroit rapper said he has wanted to talk about it for a while. However, he did not speak on it because his lawyers told him not to. Because he did not want to speak until things were cleared up, he kept his silence.

Aside from Big Sean, another rapper who has made big news this year has been Lil B. Because he chose to name his album I'm Gay, Lil B has been the target of numerous death threats and even more jokes. Many people take Lil B for a joke. Big Sean is not among those people. Actually, Big Sean said he "fucks with B heavy." He also said he is smarter than he receives credit for being.


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