Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DJ Khaled speaks on Unity in Hip Hop

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

DJ Khaled is known for bringing several artists together on the same track. In 2007, DJ Khaled was involved in a minor feud with Young Buck. At the time, Buck was still in good graces with 50 Cent. When he tried to diss DJ Khaled, Khaled said he was about unity instead of beef.

Throughout his career, DJ Khaled has tried to stop beefs from happening. In 2008, he helped end the "cold war" between his partner, Fat Joe, and Jay-Z. With Khaled's help, the two rappers took the stage together. However, not all of Khaled's efforts have been successful.

Recently, Lil Wayne, a frequent Khaled collaborator, decided to diss Jay-Z. Rick Ross and Young Jeezy re-ignited their feud after DJ Khaled promised it had ended. Just yesterday, Jim Jones, a frequent collaborator of Lil Wayne's, decided to diss him. Still, DJ Khaled is focused on mending fences in the game.

At the 2011 BMI Awards, DJ Khaled said it was very important for artists to stick together. Khaled said unity is what helps artists last longer in the game. Aside from lasting longer, it also brings a positive message to the overall community. At the end of the day, DJ Khaled said entertainers should remember there are people from all walks of life who look up to them.


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