Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jay-Z explains "Watch the Throne" title and talks Hip Hop History

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There has been a lot of talk about Watch the Throne. For that matter, there has been a lot of talk about Jay-Z. This has been the case ever since the release of The Blueprint 3. Despite all of this talk about him, his business, and his music, there has not been any talk from Jay-Z.

For years, now, Jay-Z has not had much to say to the media. During these years, he has made many of his biggest business deals. The only time Jay-Z talks to the media is when he is preparing to release a new album. But, throughout the promotion for Watch the Throne, he was silent.

Jay-Z broke his silence and talked about the new album. Many thought he and Kanye West were being arrogant when they named their album. However, Jay-Z discussed this title was just about protecting the culture of hip hop.

Much like when he last returned to the hip hop game, Jay-Z returned at a time when hip hop needed him the most. The music all sounds the same and Jay-Z said he and Kanye West intended to change things when they came out with their latest album. Jay-Z said their album is bringing diversity back to hip hop and their music is bringing the competion back, as they compete with the current music out there.


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