Monday, September 19, 2011

Ice T disses Rick Ross and Lil Wayne

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For well over twenty years, Ice T has been in the hip hop scene, as one of the original gangsta rappers. Over the years, Ice T has focused less on the lyrics and more on the movies. Since Ice T's run, many rappers have come and gone. Now, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne are among the most popular rappers out there.

While the younger generation looks up to Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, many of the veterans are disgusted. Ice T is among the veterans disgusted with them. On VH1's "Planet Rock: The Story of Crack and Hip Hop," Ice T calls them both out. Ice T's disgust of them comes from his belief of them being fake.

Ice T said Rick Ross stole the name, and lifestyle, of a drug dealer, so he should call him identity theft. Among other things, he and Lil Wayne also fit into the "pop rap" definition. Ice T said rap and pop were two things which never should have mixed. The reason pop and rap were not to mix was because rap was the alternative to pop.

Rick Ross is not the only rapper Ice T thinks is fake, as he brought up their song, "John." Both rappers rhyme about having a "choppa in the car." Speaking on Lil Wayne, Ice T said "yeah right you do." Focusing back on the documentary, Ice T said the entire documentary will be authentic. Ice T admitted he never sold drugs, or anything of that nature. However, many rappers who did will be featured in the documentary.


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