Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jim Jones speaks on Diplomat reunion album

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last year, Cam'ron and Jim Jones ended their feud of three years. When the former partners reunited, the team did, too. During their feud, the original members of the Diplomats sided with Jim Jones. On the other hand, Cam'ron had to start another crew.

For over a year, the Diplomats have been back together. The new members have also fit in very well with each other. Interscope Records had noticed the Diplomats and they signed them to their label. Dr. Dre and Eminem will be workin with them.

Despite having a new label deal with Interscope Records, Dr. Dre and Eminem ready to produce records, and significant buzz, no official album has come from the Diplomats. Jim Jones, the capo of Diplomat Records explained the delays. While Diplomat Records and their group, the Diplomats, have signed the new deal with Interscope Records, many of the individual artists have not. However, all of them want to make the move over to Interscope Records.

Once all of the artists are out of their deals, with their various labels, they will sign to Diplomat/Interscope and will begin putting the new Diplomats album together.


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