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SoundBoy Cartagena talks New Mixtape, Akon, and Spanglish Carta nickname

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Earlier this year, SoundBoy Cartagena sat down with Hip Hop Vibe and discussed a number of topics. Nearly a year has passed since he last spoke with Hip Hop Vibe. Over the past few months, Spanish Carta has been doing his thing. Now, with the year closing out, he is preparing to show the world his new projects.

Currently, Cartagena is working on his new mixtape. Working with the Konvict Latino branch of Akon's Konvict Muzik, SoundBoy has plenty of new projects in the works. Having access to so many celebrities has benefited SoundBoy Cartagena. He has projects coming with DJ Enuff, among other people.

SoundBoy discussed these projects and many other things during his recent sit-down with Hip Hop Vibe.

Read the entire interview below:

How have things changed since the last time we spoke?
Oh man, tremendously. I have a hip hop orchsestra and we put an album together. Now, all the majors want to sign us and work with us. I am taking things slow because there are thirteen other guys with me, I have to make the right decision.

You have a project coming out with DJ Enuff, too?
Yeah, I have a mixtape coming out with him right now, Enuff is hosting. On the mixtape, I have Red Cafe, I am working on a record with Joell Ortiz and I am trying to get Fat Joe for the mixtape. I am coming out with new music and the mixtape is done, now it has to be mixed and put in enough drops.

Can you tell us about the Live album?
The Live album is bringing Latin music back, fused with hip hop. A salsa/hip hop movement, we're keeping it hood, but we have musicians on deck, making it creative. As far as the album, right now things are taking off. We have a 13-piece band and we recorded many of the songs live, the outcome was so official. The album is being pressed up, we have shows coming up, a Coke-A-Cola tour, the album will be on iTunes. Many people want to sign us, but with thirteen guys, I am going to take it slow.

Right now, we are working on the skits for the album. The album is done, we are preparing for the release party, as we wait for the album to be mixed. We're definitely changing the game.

How will people look back on this album ten years from now?
Oh man, we're definitely making history. Ten years from now, they'll still be rocking this album. People who love salsa and musicians, who come from New School Music, New School College. Ten years from now, we're going to change the game, change the world. I have already changed the game, everybody wants to have a band now, because of me. Look at all the big names, my homies, who want to use a band now. I brought this to their attention. Nobody is coming to the shows, because rappers don't perform anymore. It's going well, I hope to put this CD out soon. I am also putting out my mixtape. The mixtape is called Proper Spanglish and DJ Enuff will host the mixtape.

How did you get in contact with DJ Enuff?
I was with Akon at "106 & Park," I was with his crew. I was with T-Pain and Akon came through and said we had to get over to Hot 97. I got them there in 30 minutes, I brought them in my black Tahoe, I brought them to Hot 97 and I was there with Akon and DJ Enuff and Angie (Martinez), saw me. We spoke and kept it moving. We met again at the Puerto Rican Parade and I asked DJ Enuff to host my mixtape and he said "hell yeah, I'll host the mixtape." He remembered me and that's how it happen.

When did you first meet Akon?
I met Akon a couple years ago, when I first started rolling with Konvict Muzik. I used to roll with Fabolous and Paul Cain. I was in his "Diamonds" video, which is how I met Red Cafe. We became friends and I met one of my friends with Red Cafe. One thing led to another and I ended up rolling with Shakedown, from there, I met the Konvict staff, Akon and T-Pain, and I got down with them. Red Cafe went to Bad Boy, so I ended up meeting Diddy and the Bad Boy crew. I've met Keri Hilson, Busta Rhymes, Uncle Murda, I've got pictures with some of everybody.

I was on the T-Wayne tour, the tour with T-Pain and Lil Wayne. Aside from rap, I am also a drummer, so when people need a band, they can get at me.

Did your drummer background lead you to rapping?
I always rapped and I always doing music. My mom and dad were always into music. My dad was a famous musician and my mother was a dancer, she also played instruments. That's how I got all of that. I was always rapping, even before Wu-Tang made it big. When I was nine, I came out with one of those little releases. I was the local star before all these rappers came out. There were little groups, an artist here, an artist there. I was named SoundBoy because I was always around be-boping and I had a radio, I played instruments. I did so much with sound, they named me SoundBoy.

Where did the Spanglish Carta nickname come from?
They call me Sound Carta. SoundBoy was when I was younger. I released a record as Sound Cartagena to shorten the name. Then, I shortened my name to Sound Carta just to shorten the name. I rap Spanglish, so I soon began going by Spanglish Carta. There are so many "Carter" rappers, so to stick out, so I made myself into Spanglish Carta. Even Nick and Aaron, pop artists, have the Carter last name. So, I named my album Spanglish Carta. The name stuck out, so it's been Spanglish Carta ever since. It started from a song, I like that and now that's the name of my band. But, I'm still SoundBoy Cartagena.


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