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A-Thug provides updates on "The Signature," BRS Clothing, New Projects, Record Sales, and New Connections

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The summer has been very prosperous for A-Thug. He has been working very hard on new records and doing a number of shows. Earlier this year, A-Thug announced his upcoming album, The Signature.

The Black Rolling Stones CEO is still working on his own career and pushing the careers of his artists. Aside from his own projects, A-Thug is also helping Ronnie J'uz with his latest album.

A-Thug also provided an update on his clothing line, BRS Clothing. The summer has been very good to A-Thug and he is taking this momentum with him into the fall, as he prepares to put together a number of new projects. Earlier today, A-Thug got in contact with Hip Hop Vibe and an interview took place.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you tell us what it has been like, working on The Signature?
It has been a long, different project, from my last album. I wanted to take my time on this album, making it a masterpiece. I recorded over seventy songs and chose the best one of it. This project has more of my element.

How has your summer 2011 been?
It's been real good man. The ladies have been treating me really well, Harlem is behind me. I've been having fun, shopping, I have four videos on the way to.

What inspired your "Tell Me (remix)" over Mase's track?
Being from Harlem inspired that track. Girls usually don't talk, so I asked them numerous questions, some were sort of personal, but it's me wanting to know. Not too many rappers are doing real commercial-friendly songs, so I want to bring it back.

Have you been listening to older music, as you have also covered Tupac's "I Get Around?"
Oh yeah, Tupac is definitely an influence to me as an artist and a person. He gave his life to music and he addressed all the issues. His elevation is inspiring to me, so I had to cover "I Get Around." That song relates to me, I shot a video for it on the east side of Harlem.

Speaking of videos, how have things been going with Megastar Films?
Part five of Megastar DVD will be released in a month. Anyone who needs promotion needs to go ahead and hit us up. We have Nas, Murda Mook, and many other big names on this DVD. Part five will be the biggest edition yet.

Do you have any new plans for BRS Clothing?
Of course, we have new designs. Many of the artists who have inspired me will be used on promotional designs. Also, the BRS artists are releasing new music and they will have BRS-themed shirts for promotional use. We will also be having more original designs, outside of hip hop.

What moves are you making to separate BRS Clothing from hip hop?
Being the face of the clothing line. I'm endorsing it, I'm rocking it now, myself. Half of the week, I will be wearing something BRS. My team is also rocking and what we are going to do is branch out. So, if a person has never heard of BRS' music, they have heard of the clothing line. If a person mentions Black Rolling Stones, they may think it is the record label, while others may think it is a clothing line. We are even doing customizations. We're giving the people more of what they want with the clothing line.

Back to the music, have you been speaking with any major labels?
As of yet, we are trying to speak with E1 Music and Asylum Records. I want to move as soon as possible with these deals.

How do you feel about the independent success you have had this year?
Great man. It's been a steady grind man. I've been taking the Black Rolling Stones movement to the next level and still searching for more team members.

How many units have you been moving this summer?
I've been running various discounts and it has paid off for me. I have sold 15,000 CD this summer, by myself. This includes my own albums, mixtapes, and projects from other people I have deals with. Also, my DVD series, Megastar DVD, has had the numbers going crazy. During Harlem week, I ran a sale and it boosted my numbers.

Have you met any new people this summer, who have helped you advance in the game?
Definitely, I have. Some of the connects I have met, I haven't even had the chance to meet with because I have been so busy. I have one connect who is helping me talk to E1 Music, the goal is for me to get signed to a majorly-independent record label so I can penetrate the bigger market. But, I have also been doing production, working on tracks, and designing my clothing line, myself. I have been in the studio, making it happen, and I have been doing shows. I also have had other artists in my studio recording, because I charge an affordable rate.


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