Saturday, October 8, 2011

Drake is putting the finishing touches on "Take Care"

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Fresh off the mixtape scene, Drake headed straight over to Young Money. After being signed to the label for a year, Drake released Thank Me Later, living up to the hype. Fans immediately wanted to hear more from Drake.

A little over a year later, Drake is preparing to release his second album, Take Care. Drake said his second album was inspired by Lil Wayne. Speaking on Lil Wayne, Drake said it was a major blow to Young Money when he went to prison, but he was glad he and Nicki Minaj were able to keep things going during Wayne's time away.

While recording this album, Drake has been with Lil Wayne and his work ethic has inspired him to go ten times harder than his hardest. Drake said he has enjoyed recording Take Care alongside his brothers, Wayne and Rick Ross. Speaking on his brothers, Drake said they work non-stop, so if he decides to have a little fun, it feels like he is slipping. In New York City, Drake is currently mastering his new album and talking with his team about the final product.

There have only been a few leaks off Take Care, so the public does not know what to expect from Drake's second opus.


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