Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pete Rock speaks on Syl Johnson suing Jay-Z and Kanye West

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne has caught the attention of everyone. The album has proven their lasting impact on the game. Several rappers have freestyled over a number of tracks off the album. However, everyone is not impressed with their collaborative effort.

Soul singer, Syl Johnson has heard "The Joy" and he is highly upset with the song. "The Joy," which is produced by Pete Rock, uses a sample from Johnson's "Different Strokes." The sample was used without his permission. Because of this, Syl Johnson is trying to shut down the album and receive the profits.

Pete Rock broke his silence about the lawsuit and the song. He seems to be just as surprised as Syl Johnson. While he produced the song, Pete Rock said the sample was not placed until after he completed the song. The Throne claimed the sample was originally to be used for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but in the end, they decided not to use the song.

Syl Johnson was shocked to see the song appear on Watch the Throne. Pete Rock said The Throne thought they could take the sample without paying and still get away with it. He then said Syl Johnson is still alive and well, so he is no pushover.


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