Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ice Cube ready to Take On the new West Coast

Being one of the originators of gangsta rap does not count for much in 2010. Recently, Ice Cube announced that he was returning to the hip hop scene. When he first came into the game, Cube was the most-violent rapper in the game. However, when he landed his first film deal, he changed his tone. But, he manages to change back every other year for another album.

Because of his legacy, newer rappers have tried to hold their tongues. But, when Ice Cube revealed that the title of his album was I Am The West, newer artists spoke out. The likes of Crooked I, Glasses Malone, and Bishop Lamont have informed him that 1996 was 14 years ago and that this is 2010. This has not gone over kindly with Ice Cube.

Recently, he took the time to address these rappers. Having built the West Coast into what it is, Ice Cube feels that he actually is the West. Plus, the only artists from the West Coast that sell records are he, Snoop Dogg, and Game. Numerous times, Game has paid homage to Cube, saying that Ice Cube was his favorite rapper growing up. Ice Cube has accused the new rappers in the game of age-ism.


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