Monday, March 29, 2010

Ice Cube speaks on the New West

Recently, Ice Cube has been exchanging words, back and forth, with new rappers from the West Coast. The controversy has been sparked because of the title of his new album. Paying homage to himself and his legacy, Cube titled his latest album, I am the West.

The title has sparked controversy with one rapper in particular named Jay Rock. He went on record and said some things about Cube. Later, he would rephrase his words. Jay Rock would go on to deny having any type of feud with Ice Cube.

However, the rapper did state that he was a part of the New West and it is the job of people like Ice Cube to pass the baton. In response to those charges, Cube said that he will no longer help new artists. He said that he was tired of babysitting grown men.

Ice Cube said that every time that he tries to help a new artist out, they blame him when they fail. Already using rap as his side hustle, Ice Cube does not have the time to deal with trying to break a new artist into the game. The rappers that he spoke of are not mentioned by name. However, they will be on his new album, I am the West.


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