Sunday, March 28, 2010

On the Rise: Fashawn

It has been fifteen years since the West Coast truly dominated. After years of obscurity, there are a lot of new rappers out there trying to re-establish the left coast. The artists among that list happen to be newcomer, Fashawn. Getting an early start, at 21-years-old, already has a debut album out, Boy Meets World.

Recording for the independent record label, One Records, Fashawn has yet to reach a large audience. But, over the next few years, it appears that he will be the one to take the baton. Unlike other new, rising, acts, he does not have a legend in his corer. Because of the fact that he comes from Fresno, not too many people from the West know about him.

Fashawn has been making some strides on the mixtape scene, however, and they will be receiving more buzz as his name spreads. Coming from an unlikely place, it appears that Fashawn will be putting Fresno on the map. His debut album, Boy Meets World, is currently in stores.


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