Monday, April 19, 2010

Game warns Alchemist over "400 Bars"

Last week, Game released his long-awaited sequel to "400 Bars and Runnin'" diss track. His first diss track was released in 2005 as a diss to 50 Cent and G-Unit. Last year, as Game prepared for the release of The R.E.D. Album, he promised that another record would come.

Finally, the record came out las week, but it was not met with the acclaim of his original song. In the song, he sends more disses to G-Unit and he seems to take on Ice Cube's war. For the past few months, Ice Cube has been feuding with newcomer Jay Rock.

Now that the song is out, the people are responding to it. One of the first people, aside from Jay Rock, to mention the song was Alchemist. Alchemist said that the song was long and boring through Twitter. He advised Game that less is actually more in the case of this song.

After reading his response, Game responded to Alchemist, saying that he does not want to get his teeth knocked out. He responded to Alchemist calling the song a snooze, saying that he can make him snooze for real.


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