Friday, April 23, 2010

Glasses Malone ready for Ice Cube feud

Last month, Ice Cube landed himself in hot water when he revealed the title of his latest album. Paying homage to the legacy that he helped to build, he titled his album, I Am The West. In the time since Death Row Records fell apart, the West Coast has struggled to gain footing. But, recently a new movement has been taking place.

One of the leaders of this new movement is Jay Rock, a native of Los Angeles. He took offense to the new title of Ice Cube's album and was willing to feud with Cube. The response that Cube gave him was not what Jay Rock expected and he began dissing the legend. Game soon stepped into the fray. Glasses Malone has now jumped in.

For the past week, Malone has had some choice words for both Game and Ice Cube. Recently, he spoke and he said that he is ready for war with Ice Cube. Glasses said that he respects the history that comes with Ice Cube, but that Ice Cube has to respect that people like him are a part of the future. Right now, he has no diss record for Cube, he simply wants Ice Cube to stop with all of the disses when he grew up admiring him.

Despite how he grew up, Glasses Malone is willing to fight to solidify his position in the rap game. If that means going against a legend, Glasses will go against a legend. He said that what Ice Cube is doing is not for the West Coast and it is not for hip hop. Instead, he said that Cube is on a Hollywood promotional run that will only benefit himself. He said that a feud with Ice Cube would not be person. Acknowledging that the original hip hop beefs were only for fun and in the spirit of competition, he could never have any personal problems with Ice Cube.


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