Monday, April 12, 2010

Jae Millz takes aim at XXL Freshmen 2010

Because of his initial diss on the XXL feature of the upcoming rappers of 2010, Jae Millz has received a lot of heat. His comments have been taken out of context. Millz originally was asked about the feature. He said that half of the rappers did not belong on the list.

In the time since he made those comments, most of the rappers have responded to him. The most-notable response came from rapper Pill. He released a diss track against Jae and he said that he is a no-name. A few years ago, many people predicted that Jae Millz would become a star.

Obviously, those predictions did not come true, as Millz is on the Young Money label. However, his future was once bright and he has reminded everyone of that fact. In a video, he responded to everyone that teased him for being a no-name, quick to remind them of what could have been.


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