Monday, April 26, 2010

Jermaine Dupri establishes Virgin deal, Ready for Business

After two years of welcoming himself back to his old position at Virgin Records, Jermaine Dupri is ready to re-establish his baby. For the past seventeen years, he has also run his So So Def label. There have been times when his label has dominated. Because they have never had a consistent star, their runs have never lasted long. When he established the deal with Def Jam, it appeared that Dupri would finally have his shot.

However, the Def Jam deal quickly fell apart. Dupri did not get what he wanted out of the deal. Def Jam came up empty, too, so both parties felt that it was best to move on. Now that he is back in his element, though, Jermaine Dupri wants to get back to business. Virtually, no relevant artists are on his label, so 2010 will be spent re-establishing the brand. He hopes to sign 10 new acts to the label before the end of this year.

Jermaine Dupri also hopes to put out a compilation album featuring some of his acts, new and old, before the end of the year. If lucky, one artist may stick out and he could finally have someone to build off of, long-term, for the future of his label.


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