Monday, April 19, 2010

Lloyd Banks calls out Interscope Records

Now that 50 Cent is off of Interscope Records and ready for an indie movement, his old label wants him back. Not only that, but Interscope is willing to reinstate the entire G-Unit label. Last summer, Lloyd Banks had a less than friendly departure from the label.

The hard feelings between Banks and the label over his sophomore album have yet to die down. Because the label is in need of hits, they are willing to let the old squad back on the label. While it would be a good look for G-Unit to return to Interscope, it is not likely to happen with Lloyd Banks.

Before he returns to Interscope Records, Banks said that they have to apologize. Not just to him, but also to 50 Cent. He said that the executives at the label have to promise to never doubt G-Unit again. He said that right now, the label is only talking with 50 Cent and that nothing has been solidified.


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