Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Juelz Santana shocked by Dipset's Kanye diss

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Not even back together for a year and the Diplomats are already back on their game. Before their ugly breakup, the trio were known for making disses for Jay-Z. Most of their disses, aside from the ones made by Jim Jones, were ignored. But, after being in his shoes, Cam'ron decided to stop insulting Jay-Z.

After hearing the latest diss, even Juelz Santana was shocked. He was not shocked by the Jay-Z diss, but the line aimed at Kanye West. At times, Jim Jones took shots at Kanye, but Cam'ron never had anything negative to say about him. Mainly looking to work with more artists, Juelz Santana never dissed Kanye, either.

With things being cool for the past two years, Juelz Santana had reached out to Kanye West. Due to both rappers being a part of Def Jam, West agreed to feature him on his album. Santana had informed both Jim Jones and Cam'ron of the deal and they did not stop him from doing the collaboration. But, after they learned about the collaboration, they still went ahead and dissed Kanye.

Despite the verbal deal Juelz Santana made with Kanye West, he does not know if his record with West will make Dark Twisted Fantasy.


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