Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nicki Minaj teams with Eminem and disses Lil' Kim

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Two of the biggest hip hop figures of 2010 have finally joined forces. Nicki Minaj is a candidate for new artist of the year as she plans to release Pink Friday this week. Eminem, on the other hand, is a veteran on the comeback trail. Both rappers are known for their alter egos.

Their new collaboration, "Roman's Revenge," features Nicki's alter ego of Roman Zolanski and Eminem brought Slim Shady over. The record, which will be featured on Pink Friday, is taking aim at the many haters. On this record, Nicki and Em prove how crazy than can get on their tracks.

In the opening verses, both Nicki Minaj and Eminem come out aggressive. But, in the second verse, the nonconfrontational Nicki took some shots at Lil' Kim. This summer, Lil' Kim started dissing Nicki Minaj for taking her style. Even though Kim made her beef no secret, Nicki refused to respond to Lil' Kim over a song. At one point, Drake had even jumped into the fray.

However, earlier this month, Lil' Kim announced she would not be sending any more diss records in the direction of Nicki Minaj. She extended an olive branch and had hoped Nicki would accept it. No response came from the Young Money camp, now Nicki has gotten on her latest song and taunted Lil' Kim with how she took her spot. Later in the verse, she sent a few threats to the woman who labeled herself the Queen Bee years ago.

In his verse, Eminem hits back at critics who said he could not land a comeback. From the top of the game with the hottest new artist around, Eminem tossed a few verses off. Nicki described the song as not her, but rather Roman, her alter ego, going at Em's Slim Shady and Lil' Kim for that matter.


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