Wednesday, October 27, 2010

T.I. changes Album Title and Returns to Prison

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The road to redemption for T.I. is going to be a little bit longer than he expected. When he first got out of prison, T.I. worked overtime to repair his image. Last month, all of the hard work went right out of the window. Now, T.I. is headed back to prison for 11 months.

His album was supposed to be titled King Uncaged, since T.I. was celebrating his return. But, since he is headed right back to prison, there is no need to celebrate. Because of this, Tip has renamed his album to No Mercy. Not only has T.I. lost his perfect album title, but he has also lost endorsements.

Axe deodorant has decided to pull their endorsement from T.I. in the wake of his legal woes. Remy Martin liquor had given T.I. a lucrative contract, giving him an executive role. While they claim to still have love for T.I., they have relieved him of his duties.

Now, T.I. will spend his remaining free days making his rounds and rerecording his track. Because of his recent legal troubles, T.I. will not be able to celebrate his freedom, so he is creating music to match the feeling. Just like last time, T.I. will be preparing his team for the promotion of his album because he will not be able to do it in person. Not only is T.I. headed back to prison, but it is the exact same place he went before in Arkansas. Before he heads back to Arkansas on November 1, T.I. plans to shoot a few videos for the album.

No Mercy, T.I.'s seventh album, is currently set for a December 7 release date, although many feel the album will be pushed back until sometime in 2011.


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