Monday, April 25, 2011

50 Cent talks past Jadakiss feud

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2003, 50 Cent supposedly ended Ja Rule's career. Obviously, the memo was not sent to Murder Inc. In the middle of the G-Unit feud, Ja Rule decided to go back to recording the music that made the fans love him. The result of this was a top five hit, "Wonderful."

The song featured R. Kelly, at the time, the king of the R&B game, fresh off his work with Jay-Z. Ja Rule was back on top of the game and he had even made a song for the streets. Uniting with veteran rappers, Fat Joe and Jadakiss, Rule released "New York."

Before recording the song, Ja Rule extended an invitation to any rapper from New York who wanted to get on the song. After hearing the song and the support for Ja Rule, 50 Cent was highly upset. The entire New York hip hop scene had a part in the video.

50 Cent used this to his advantage when he decided to record his album. On the song "Piggy Bank," 50 went after Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss, along with Nas and Mobb Deep. The song warranted responses from everyone except Rule and Mobb Deep. Soon, 50 Cent found himself in the middle of a bitter feud with not only Jadakiss, but his entire D-Block camp.

For three years, 50 Cent traded disses with Jadakiss before they made a truce in 2007. Soon, Jadakiss became a part of and many other 50 Cent ventures. Recently, 50 Cent spoke on their past issues, clearing up any questions. 50 Cent said he and Jadakiss never had any personal issues against each other, it was just a part of the hip hop game.

Because they had no personal issues, it was easy for him to end the feud.


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