Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Drake speaks on "Take Care" conception, "Watch the Throne," and Possible Projects with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Time is winding down for Drake and his sophomore album, Take Care. Recently, the Young Money rapper discussed his upcoming project with Entertainment Weekly. During the interview, Drake discussed how weird it is that fans want a new project only one year after his debut.

Giving the fans what they want, Drake said he is drawing inspiration from his experiences since his debut album released. Among the people Drake is working with on his album is Stevie Wonder. This, obviously, is the biggest collaboration of his career. Working with the legend will only show Drake's growth.

Aside from his own album, Drake admitted he did enjoy Watch the Throne, despite his verse on "It's Good." When asked about the marketing of Watch the Throne, Drake said he does not think Jay-Z would have allowed a digital release of his own solo album. Nor does Drake believe Jay-Z would have allowed listeners for his own solo album.

Excited about his own project, Drake has been working very closely with Lil Wayne. Last year, the duo announced they would be putting together a collaborative album. Before they had the chance to record, though, Jay-Z and Kanye West announced Watch the Throne. Drake sent light jabs towards the duo, before showing love. Even though a year has passed, Drake said the project with Lil Wayne is still on the way.

Drake also said he will likely join Rick Ross in the studio for their own collaborative project. This year, the two have recorded several songs together. Last year, Drake and Rick Ross teamed up for "Aston Martin Music." Earlier this year, the two collaborated on "Made Men." The chemistry between the two, from a musical standpoint, is there and Drake said he would not mind doing music with him.


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