Monday, March 29, 2010

Jadakiss hits the Underground Scene

Not even a year since the release of The Last Kiss, Jadakiss is back to heating up the streets. With his next album right around the corner, Jada is trying to reintroduce himself. He plans to release his next album before the end of this year. But, in order to build his buzz, Jadakiss releases a mixtape first.

Jadakiss hopes that this year will be unlike any other year for him. It usually takes many years for Jadakiss to release a follow-up album. His second album came three years after his debut album. There was an astonishing five-year gap in between his second and third album. But, now that he is in control of his destiny, Jadakiss plans to release an album on the heels of his last.

Named after the theme of his 2004 music, Jadakiss is releasing Champ is Here 3. When speaking of this mixtape, Jada said that it will be the hardest underground release of this year. He said that the mixtape will be released on May 1, 2010, following the Floyd Mayweather fight.


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